Interview Questions to Ask a Warehouse Associate

Warehouse associates are the cornerstone of your companys success. They are responsible for managing inventory, picking and filling orders, and subsequently packing and shipping fulfilled orders. Successful candidates are efficient, organized, have an abundance of physical stamina, work well with a team, and are incredibly detailoriented.  

How do you know if you have the perfect warehouse associate candidate in front of you? Including these rolespecific questions in interviews will give you the answer. 

Questions That Evaluate Hard Skills 

Hard skills refer to the skills candidates possess that directly relate to the ability to perform the necessary duties of working in a warehouse. For instance, a candidate’s ability to stand on his feet for long periods is essential as a warehouse associate. Questions to ask that evaluate a candidates hard skills include: 

  • How much experience do you have managing inventory (e.g., receiving, processing, and organizing)?  
  • What is your experience with forklifts and pallet jacks? Do you hold a forklift certification?  
  • How do you stack boxes of different dimensions safely on a pallet? 
  • Do you have experience with inventory software? 
  • What is the best way to safely lift a heavy box? 

Questions That Look at Interpersonal Skills 

Interpersonal skills are more commonly known as soft skills or people skills. They are focused on the way employees interact with co-workers, customers, and supervisors. Questions to ask include: 

  • What steps would you take if you witnessed a team member stealing inventory?  
  • What would you do if a co-worker refused to follow procedural protocol?  
  • Describe how you handle disagreements with co-workers and supervisors. 
  • Do you work well under pressure, and if so, how do you maintain a high level of productivity? 
  • How do you handle giving customers bad news, such as a shipment delay? 
  • How do you work as a team?  

Questions That Evaluate Situational Judgement 

Situational judgment looks at how candidates handle difficult situations that arise in the workplace. Questions to ask include:  

  • Describe a situation in which you were safety-minded on the job.  
  • How do you approach safety in the warehouse? 
  • How do you stay motivated when doing repetitive tasks?  
  • If you make a mistake at work, how do you handle it? Give an example. 
  • How do you maintain high productivity during inclement weather conditions?  

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Evaluating candidates’ hard skills, interpersonal skills, and situational judgment is much more likely to paint an accurate picture of how the candidate will perform if hired for the position. 

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