Should I Apply to a Job if I Don’t Have Enough Experience?

One of the biggest frustrations in your job search is to run across a perfect position only to find out that the job description states the successful candidate must have five-plus years of experience. The bad news is that you only have three years of experience. Do not count yourself out so fast. Let’s take a look at tips for applying to positions where you may not have enough experience.   

Deciding Whether to Apply  

The purpose of adding minimum years of experience required to job descriptions is to be sure that you have the skills and the know-how to complete the job duties with minimal training needed. It is important to understand that some people learn quicker than others, and while it may take some five years to get at a certain skill level, others may get there in three years. Just because you do not have the exact years of experience required doesn’t mean that you are not qualified.  

If you are only a couple of years off of the experience requirement and feel that you make up for it elsewhere, it is worth your time to apply. However, if the position asks for six years of experience and you have two, you are better off passing it up and honing your skills.   

Highlight Transferrable Skills  

In both your resume and cover letter, make sure you highlight all of the skills in your previous jobs that are transferrable. More than likely, you have more transferrable skills than you think. For instance, if you have worked as a receptionist, then you also have experience in client communication.   

Express the Ability to Learn New Skills  

Explain that you are willing to learn new skills. Employers appreciate candidates who can pick up new things very quickly. It shows they are also adaptable to change.   

Acknowledge the Elephant in the Room  

In your cover letter, acknowledge that you know you do not have the years of experience required. Then explain how you make up for it in other ways and what your value to the company is.   

Find an Inside Connection  

Networking is worth its weight in gold. If possible, make connections with people who already work there and attest to your competency for the position despite lacking the number of years required.   

Let Arrow Staffing Help!   

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