Improve Your Team’s Customer Service for the Holidays

Regardless of industry, most businesses are impacted in some way by the holiday season. The sharp increase in demand for customer service can put a strain on the staff and cause the quality of customer service to drop. Poor customer service leads to lost customers and a negative reputation. How do you make sure customer support is top-notch even during the busiest times of the year? Follow these tips to improve your team’s customer service for the holidays!  

Update Automation Processes  

Automation can take a burden off of your customer support staff, as long as it is implemented correctly. Ensure any automated processes such as phone directories and email responses are updated for the holidays. Simply automating as much as possible for better consumer experience.  

Test-Drive Newly Implemented Processes  

Do not wait until the holiday rush arrives to test out new systems put in place. Make a test run with your team well in advance so that you will have time to work out any kinks. Evaluate new processes from both the employee’s standpoint and the customer’s.   

Streamline Your Hiring and Onboarding Processes  

Most likely you will need to hire additional staff in a short amount of time to continue to provide exceptional customer service during the holiday season. If need be, restructure your company’s hiring and onboarding processes so that new employees can become acclimated and trained as quickly as possible. The bottom line is you do not have months to get new employees fully trained. Your new hire processes should reflect an accurate timeline.   

Partner with a Staffing Agency  

Running a business leaves you with enough things on your plate as it is. Chances are that you do not have time to spend countless hours hunting down the perfect seasonal/temp employees. The good news is that you do not have to. Partnering with a reputable staffing agency can help you quickly ramp up your personnel during the holidays without sacrificing managing other aspects of your business.   

Let Arrow Staffing Take the Hassle Out of the Holidays  

Arrow Staffing will take the leg work out of finding the perfect candidates to fit your personnel needs for the holiday season. Freeing you up to provide the highest level of customer service possible no matter how busy your business gets. Our staffing specialists will take the time to get to know your seasonal needs and find candidates who are just the right fit. Request an employee today 

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