How Do I Get Started Working for Arrow Staffing?

Are you ready to make a career move but are not sure where to start? Receive expert guidance from our second-to-none staffing specialists and a variety of valuable benefits when you work for Arrow Staffing. How do you get started? It is easy! Follow these four simple steps to find the perfect career opportunity.  

Step #1 – Apply Online and Make an Appointment  

After you have filled out the online application, schedule an appointment with one of our experienced staffing specialists at your preferred location. During your initial meeting, you will fill out the skills evaluation. Your staffing specialist will go over your skillset as well as your career goals.  

Step #2 – Obtain a Thorough Evaluation  

Finding the perfect job for you is our priority. Arrow Staffing will take the time to get to know you better. Your staffing specialist will ask about your education, work history, references, skills, and long-term goals. This process takes approximately a two-hour session.   

Step #3 – Employment Match  

Now that we understand the type of job you are looking for and your career goals, it is time to find compatible job opportunities. Arrow Staffing will handle all of the leg work. Once our staffing specialists have found open positions that match your needs, you will be contacted to see if the job is of interest to you.  

Step #4 – Keep Us Posted  

As the final step, we ask you to keep us updated to changes with employment, if you’re ready for another task, if you’ve obtained training or education for new skills, or if any of your contact information has changed. We encourage our applicants to reach out to us weekly for updates.  

Benefits of Working for Arrow Staffing  

The decision to work for Arrow Staffing means that you will earn more than just a paycheck. Employee benefits include:  

  • Receiving referral bonuses  
  • Discounts on certain entertainment venues  
  • Eligibility for employee of the month  
  • Recognition of being permanently hired 
  • Medical insurance at low-cost  
  • Access to self-guided skills computer tutorials.  

Are Ready to Join the Team?  

Arrow Staffing is excited to have you join our team at one of our offices in California or Michigan. Our premier agency is looking forward to helping you build up your resume, offering any guidance in preparation for interviews, getting to know who you are professionally, and helping you find a job you will love!   

If it’s a career change you want or ready to join the workforce, come aboard and let Arrow Staffing pair you with your next great adventure!! Apply online today!  

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