Give Your Employees More Effective Feedback With These Tips

Providing your team with effective feedback is crucial to helping your employees continuously develop their skills, which helps your company grow and scale. When given correctly, feedback improves the trust and communication between you and your team. It can also strengthen the professional relationship you have with your employees. These tips will ensure that you are providing valuable feedback to your staff.  

Give Specific Feedback  

When giving employee feedback, it should be as specific as possible. Avoid general comments, such as “needs improvement”. This doesn’t tell the employee exactly what needs improvement and how to get there. Every piece of feedback should aim to reach a goal, which should be clearly defined to your employees.  

Give Timely Feedback  

Providing feedback as close to an event as possible has the most substantial effect on an employee’s performance. Do not wait for annual or bi-annual reviews. This is time lost that could have been spent fixing the issue or, worse, allowing time for matters to continue building and having a domino effect.  

Deliver Feedback with Empathy  

Understandably, your employees may be shocked when they first hear constructive feedback. Do not take it personally and give employees space to absorb the feedback given. Put yourself in your employees’ shoes and deliver feedback in an empathetic manner.   

Keep Feedback Confidential  

Many people do not like being the center of attention, especially when they are receiving feedback from their supervisor. It is best to avoid giving feedback, even positive feedback in a public setting. Make sure it is a comfortable one-on-one setting.  

Provide Guidance  

Once you have provided constructive criticism, make sure that you provide guidance on correcting any issue at hand. This helps employees understand your expectations and reduces frustration.  

Point Out the Positives  

Constructive criticism is the most valuable when it comes to employee improvement, but it is also just as important to point out when your employees are excelling. A careful balance helps to keep up employee morale.  

The Conversation Should Go Both Ways  

Once feedback has been given, make sure that your employees have an opportunity to ask questions or express what they need. Effective employee feedback should be a two-way conversation that leaves both managers and employees feeling inspired by the conversation’s end.  

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