Is Your Company Prepared for the Holiday Rush and Flu Season?

Ensuring your business is ready for the holiday rush and flu season simultaneously can seem daunting. However, being prepared will make all the difference in protecting your employees from the flu and Covid-19, yet still handling the holiday rush effectively. These tips will help make sure your company is ready for both!  

Encourage Healthy Practices   

  • Offer flu shots company-wide. Consider arranging a vaccine clinic on-site that makes it more accessible to all of your employees.  
  • Encourage employees to wash hands, cover coughs, use hand sanitizer and avoid close contact.   
  • Keep the facilities clean and have restrooms and breakrooms stocked with disinfecting cleaners and wipes.  
  • Educate employees on the importance of getting the proper amount of sleep. Adequate sleep allows your body to better fight off sickness as well as manage stress more effectively.  

Promote Work / Life Balance  

Strive to prepare schedules that allow employees a work/life balance. Try to minimize the amount of overtime or double shifts you ask of your employees. Provide flexibility when able so that employees can tend to personal matters, such as a child’s appointment. If there does come a point that you are short-staffed due to a holiday rush or employees being out due to sickness, your healthy employees will be much more willing to pick up the slack if they aren’t already burned out from being overworked.  

Spread Holiday Cheer  

Provide your employees with either a holiday party, meals, or treats. This is a great way to relieve stress, create camaraderie, and show your employees how valuable they are to the company. A little appreciation will go a long way in keeping employees motivated.   

Step-Up Your Screening Process  

Implement a daily screening process as employees come through the door to ensure they are well enough to be at work. Ideas include:  

  • A brief questionnaire to determine their current health status  
  • Taking temperatures with no-contact thermometers as they walk in the door  

Encourage Sick Employees to Stay Home  

Sick employees will not only be less productive but potentially spread germs to their co-workers. If possible, offer paid sick leave so that employees don’t have to worry about lost wages. If this isn’t feasible, make sure they know they will not be penalized and even try to let them recoup the lost time.  

Utilize Temp Help  

Between the rush of the crowds and employees needing to take time off due to illness, you will likely find yourself with a staff shortage. Hiring temporary help during this hectic and unpredictable time of year will allow you to handle crew shortages without overworking your remaining staff effectively.   

Ready to Hire for the Holiday Season?  

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