Do I Need a Resume When Applying for General Labor Positions?

Are you looking for a general labor position, but not sure whether you should send in a resume with your application? The best way to impress potential employers is to send in a well thought out and targeted resume with every application. Here’s what you need to know about sending in a resume for general labor positions. 

Why is a Resume Important?  

Chances are you will not be the only person applying to open positions that you find. You need to find a way to stand out from the rest of the applicants. A professional resume is a great way to accomplish this. A well-crafted resume shows hiring managers that you are dedicated, diligent, and a hard worker. Employers assume if you show this level of commitment in an application, that you will show even more dedication if hired for the position.  

Ensure Your Resume is Targeted 

Hiring managers know exactly what they are looking for in applicants before they begin sifting through resumes. Employers will not look at every single resume in detail but rather scan through for keywords. Use the given job description as a way to make sure that you include pertinent keywords that will catch an employer’s attention and make them want to take a closer look at your application.  

What Should You Include in a Resume? 

In your resume it is advantageous to include the following: 

  • Contact details – Make it easy for interested employers to get in touch with you. 
  • Resume summary – This is a short paragraph that allows employers to see your career accomplishments at a glance. 
  • Relevant skills – Be sure to include skills that are relevant to the job position (include keywords). 
  • Education – Include relevant information, certifications, and accomplishments. 

More is Never Too Much! 

When it comes to putting your best foot forward, you can’t go overboard when applying to general labor positions. It is important to show employers that you are willing to put in more than just the bare minimum.  

Finding the Perfect General Labor Position 

Arrow Staffing, the premier staffing agency in California and Michigan can help you find the perfect general labor position that matches your skills.  We will guide you through every step of the job hunt. When it comes time to apply for positions, we will help fine-tune your resume to ensure it is absolutely perfect and give you tips to prepare for your big interview! Submit your resume today and land the job you’ve always dreamed of!  

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