Are You a Leader, or a Boss?

There is a common misconception that being a boss and a leader is the same. This could not be further from the truth. A leader and a boss manage their employees in very different ways. Are you a leader or a boss? Let’s take a look at the distinct differences between the two!  

Leader or Boss? What’s the Difference?  

What is the difference between a Leader and a Boss? A boss simply tells employees what to do while a leader inspires innovation, creativity, and growth while striving for perfection. Here are five differences between a leader and a boss and why being a leader will help your team optimize productivity and efficiency.  

Leaders Lead, Bosses Push  

Leaders lead by example and show employees how to do things by showing them. Bosses give orders and expect them to get done without fail, excepting nothing less than perfection with little guidance.  

Leaders Build Confidence, Bosses Build Failure  

Leaders use mistakes as learning opportunities, recognizing that employees are only human, and errors will occur from time to time. Bosses view mistakes as failures that should not occur.  

Leaders are Part of the Team, Bosses are Above the Team  

Leaders value the opinion of their team and are open to suggestions, admitting that an employee may have a better way of doing things. Bosses, on the other hand, feel as if they are above the team and that nobody’s ideas can be as good as their own.  

Leaders are Hard Workers, Bosses Let Others Do the Work  

Leaders work just as hard as their employees, often doing the exact same work. Bosses are masters of delegating rather than pitching in. They believe their paygrade is too high to do the same work as their employees.  

Leaders Invest in Employees, Bosses Use Employees  

Leaders invest in their employees by helping them to learn and grow in their careers through mentorship, training programs, and other growth opportunities. Bosses only care about how much work they can get out of their employees.  

Which One Are You?  

Now that you know the difference, which one are you? More importantly, would you rather work for a leader or a boss? Take a long look in the mirror and make sure you are the type of employer that you would want to work for!  

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