Tips for Recruiting Talent in a Post-COVID World

COVID-19 turned the world upside down in what felt like a split second. The way companies conduct business has been forever changed. Even though a degree of certainty still lingers, businesses are learning how to adapt and developing reopening strategies that will accommodate best practices to do their part in preventing a secondary “wave” of the virus. Not only will day-to-day business practices look different, but so will your recruiting process. Check out these tips for recruiting talent in a post-COVID world.   

Digitalize the Hiring Process  

Make your company’s hiring process as digital as possible. This includes:  

  • Make the initial application process digital. For instance, ask for applications to be sent via email or create a portal on your website to submit resumes, cover letters, and work samples.   
  • Conduct phone or video chat interviews instead of in-person interviews.  
  • Once a candidate is chosen, utilize electronic paperwork for the candidate to complete remotely without having to visit the office.  

Focus on Flexible Roles  

Place emphasis on hiring candidates who can work flexible roles. This means they are willing to work remotely when projects allow, encourage social distancing, and come into the office when need be.   

Look for Talent in Unlikely Places  

You may need to look for talent in areas that you normally wouldn’t consider to find the best fit for your company in these new times. This may mean that you need to revamp your job descriptions so that the qualifications are not so stringent that great candidates are excluded because they feel as if they are not qualified. For instance, consider candidates who have transferrable skills, the required soft skills, and will fit in great with the culture of your company. Candidates who have the skills that cannot be taught are often easy to teach what is needed to fill the gaps.  

Keep in Touch with Top Candidates  

If you have more qualified candidates than you do positions open, be sure to build your pipeline of candidates and keep in touch with those you are most interested in pursuing in the future. This will save you a great deal of time when it comes time to hire a new team member.   

Partner with the Leading Staffing Agency  

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