How to Keep Employees Cool During the Hot Summer Months

Keeping cool during the hot summer months is a big challenge within itself. However, it can be even more difficult in industrial settings such as manufacturing facilities and warehouses where oftentimes, A/C is not an option. Overheated employees are not only less productive but also experience overexertion, stress, and exhaustion, which puts the overall well-being of your staff at risk. Check out these tips to keep your team cool and comfortable this summer!  

Keep Doors Closed When Possible  

It may be difficult with various deliveries and shipments, but keeping all doors and gates closed as much as possible will keep the cool air in while helping to keep the warm air and humidity out. As a bonus, this simple practice will help to lower energy costs.  

Install Ceiling and Industrial Fans  

Using strategically placed ceiling fans and industrial fans throughout the space will help to circulate the air. This will improve the comfort level of your employees.   

Replace Worn-Out Insulation  

Check for worn-out or absent insulation. Installing adequate energy-efficient insulation is one of the most cost-effective measures you can take to keep your building cool during the summer and lower your energy costs. A well-insulated space will keep cool air in and hot air out. Make sure to also check for any drafts around doors and windows to get the most out of your insulation.  

Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Roofs  

The roof of your facility is one of the biggest factors in how cool you can keep your industrial space. Replacing an older roof with a light-colored, reflective, cool roof will reduce instances of temperature fluctuation.  

Utilize Portable Air Conditioners  

Portable air conditioners are much more cost-effective than paying to cool an entire building. Units can be positioned so that cool air is delivered to your employees and moved as needed. An alternative to purchasing is renting portable air conditioners.   

Encourage Hydration and Breaks  

Be sure to encourage your employees to take care of themselves by hydrating properly and taking regular breaks to prevent overexertion. Consider providing water coolers throughout the facility for easy access by your staff.   

Find the Right Candidates for Your Team  

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