Beat the Heat and Stay Professional

There is nothing worse than sweating profusely underneath heavy work clothes. During the hot summer months, it may be tempting to ditch the professional wardrobe for a more casual one that keeps you more comfortable. However, chances are your boss will not be amused. What’s the secret to beating the heat while keeping in professional? Let’s take a look at the best tips for staying cool during the summer!  

Light Colors  

Light colors reflect heat away while dark colors retain heat. Wearing light colors such as soft yellows, pinks, greens, and blues as opposed to darker colors will help to keep you cooler this summer.   

Light-Weight Materials  

Professional clothing is notorious for being made of heavy materials that trap heat. Instead, opt for clothing made of light-weight, breathable material. It is important to be cautious of sheer clothing. If you do opt for a sheer shirt or blouse, be sure to wear an appropriate shirt or camisole underneath. Undergarments showing in the workplace is most definitely against your company’s dress code policy.  

Ditch the Sleeves  

Opting for sleeveless can be an extremely professional look when executed correctly. Make sure any undergarment straps are covered and avoid showing cleavage. You can even wear a light cardigan when in the office to elevate your professional appearance. If you are not comfortable with sleeveless, you can even opt for short sleeves, cap sleeves, or ¾ length sleeves.   

Professional, Yet Comfortable Bottoms  

Even the dressiest shorts will not cut it in a professional workspace. The same can be said for baggy capris. Choose dress pants made of light-weight, breathable materials. Choose lighter colors such as khakis and light grays for the optimal combination as the temperatures rise. Ladies, appropriate length skirts and dresses are a smart alternative to dress pants.  

Breathable Footwear  

In most cases, flip-flops and sandals are never appropriate in the office. Instead, opt for uninsulated close-toed shoes, made of breathable materials. Choose thin dress socks that are made specifically for wicking away moisture.   

Start Off on the Right Foot When Searching for Your Next Job!  

You shouldn’t wait until you land a job to fine-tune your summer-time professional look. It is important to dress professionally for interviews and when networking with potential employers. Arrow Staffing, the leading staffing agency in California and Michigan will not only help you find great job opportunities but assist you in preparing for your big interview! Contact us today for more information on how we can help you find your dream job! 

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