Why Every Business Needs a Culture Deck

A well-defined culture can be the key to helping your employees get on the same page and stay on the same page. It can be the key to standing out in your respective industry and scaling your business. Achieving a cohesive culture begins with a culture deck. Here’s what a culture deck is and why your company needs one!  

What is a Culture Deck?  

A culture deck is typically prepared in the form of slide shows that are easily absorbed and digested. It breaks down your company’s culture, core values, and overall mission. It is important to understand the culture deck you create today may not be the same one you have in 10 years. It should and will evolve over time, which is also a great way to see where you started and realize how far you’ve come.   

Why is a Culture Deck Crucial to the Success of Your Business?   

Your culture will always be one of your company’s most valuable assets. Let’s take a look at why developing a culture deck is so important to your business’s success.   

Attracting Top Talent  

A company’s culture is often the number one reason candidates choose whether to join a company or pass in the hopes of a better fit. In fact, for many top-notch candidates, the culture of a company is more important than salary, promotional opportunities, and benefits. After all, this is the atmosphere they will have to work in at least 40 hours a week.   

Retain Your Best Employees  

An effective culture deck will clearly explain the behavior that is expected by the company. This means candidates and employees alike can easily understand what it takes to get hired, promoted, and even terminated. This helps candidates understand the culture from the beginning. Candidates who choose to accept job offers know what to expect and are more likely to stay.  

Increases Profitability  

The success of a company can be directly linked to its culture. A well-thought-out culture deck effectively communicates not only to employees but also to consumers how the company operates. Consumers who develop an emotional connection with your brand will not only be repeat customers but advocates for your company. This increases revenue, allowing your business to grow and scale.   

Make Sure Your Next Hire Fits in with Your Company’s Culture  

As you grow your business, a culture deck will help to ensure that your business stays on track. Arrow Staffing understands the importance of hiring candidates who are not only a great fit skill-wise but fit in well with your company’s culture and align with its values. When it comes time to find your next great employee partner with us and let our specialists find the best talent for your personnel needs. Contact us today! 

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