How Do Your Finance Skills Match Up?

The accounting department is the lifeblood of any business. Companies only want to hire the best accountants who are ninjas at saving money and have the ability to work efficiently with any accounting software and applications. Not being familiar with the latest and greatest financial programs may be preventing you from landing your dream job. Let’s take a look at the top in-demand accounting skills that you should brush-up on to keep a competitive advantage.   


QuickBooks is one of the best-known accounting software programs. This is in part due to its abundance of capabilities. There are also multiple versions with different features that businesses can choose from depending on their needs. Being well-versed in this program will make your resume stand-out.   


Xero has gained popularity among businesses because it is cloud-based accounting software. This means that all information is securely stored in the cloud instead of taking up valuable network and hard drive space. Xero is a customizable accounting solution and comes in three different levels. The lowest level has basic features while the higher two levels contain more advanced options for larger businesses. Many businesses prefer cloud-based solutions due to easier access and storage. Brushing up on Xero will be impressive to any hiring manager.  

ZOHO Books  

Many businesses love ZOHO Books for their cost-effective pricing plan and dynamic abilities. Understanding the basics of ZOHO Books is helpful to employers who use either this accounting program or one similar. This is also a cloud-based application that makes excellent use of new and innovative technology.  

Why You Need to Be Up-To-Date on the Latest Software  

Chances are you will not know the ins-and-outs of every single financial software on the market. There are hundreds. However, understanding multiple types of applications increases your chances that the company you are applying to uses one of the programs you are familiar with. Even better, having a well-rounded background of different accounting applications shows potential employers that you are capable of learning new software quickly and efficiently.  

Land the Job of Your Dreams  

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