Why Offboarding Is So Important

Chances are you take a great deal of time and effort with your onboarding process. You want to make sure that you help new employees become acquainted with business processes and feel as welcome as possible. Did you know that your company’s offboarding process is just as important? Let’s take a look at why you should put just as much effort into employees’ who are leaving as those who are just coming in.   

What is an Offboarding Program?  

Your offboarding process occurs when your company and an employee are parting ways. This can occur because the employee has resigned, retired, or even been terminated. Offboarding is best thought of as tying up loose ends and can include:  

  • The transfer of the employee’s job responsibilities by distributing them throughout the remainder of the team or a new hire  
  • Deactivating the employee’s passwords, ID badges, and other forms of secure access to facilities and computer systems  
  • Making sure the employee has returned all company equipment  
  • Conducting a final interview to gain useful feedback   

Why is an Offboarding Program Necessary?  

A well-thought-out offboarding program is beneficial to your company and here’s why:  

  • Attempting to get a former employee to return equipment or a badge can be difficult once they’ve left. An offboarding process reduces the chances that you will have to track down a former employee to take back possession of company property that they may have forgotten to return.  
  • Exit interviews are great for gaining useful insight as to what you can improve on for current and future employees. There’s always something to learn.  
  • Employees are either going to recommend your business or not. An offboarding process allows you to understand why the employee is leaving and smooth over any hard feelings. You always want former employees to be advocates of your company.  
  • There may be cases where an employee wishes to come back at a later date due to a life-change, or their plans didn’t quite work out. Make sure that door is left open.  

When It Comes Time to Find Your Next Employee  

Ending a business relationship with an employee on a positive note is important. An effective offboarding process helps you do just that. This still means you need a high-quality candidate to fill the open position. This is where Arrow Staffing comes in. With years of experience, our professional staffing specialists can help you find the perfect candidate to fit your personnel needs without the hassle. Get started finding your next great team member by requesting an employee today! 

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