Why Building Relationships are Crucial to Your Career

You’ve heard the saying, “It’s not what you know. It’s who you know.” While dedication and hard work will take you soaring to great heights in your career, it never hurts to build meaningful professional relationships either. Let’s take a look at why developing relationships are crucial to the success of your career.  

Higher Level of Job Satisfaction 

The better your relationships are with your team and your supervisors, the happier you will be at work. Enjoying your job counts for a lot. This will show through higher levels of productivity and increased efficiency in your work.  

Create Opportunities for Advancement 

Building relationships open doors for advancement in your career. This could mean within the company you are working for or with competing companies in the industry. Forging relationships is also important if you are working a temp position with hopes of it becoming permanent. Employers would much rather hire someone that they already know fits in with the company atmosphere, that they get along with, and who does an exceptional job.  

Help to Maintain a Work-Life Balance 

It’s important to maintain a healthy work-life balance. When you work with people who you’ve built great relationships with, then work doesn’t always have to feel so much like a job. Working with people you enjoy gives you a much-needed balance.  

Great Way to Network 

Creating healthy professional relationships with key people in the industry is a great way to work your way to achieving your career dreams. When desirable positions come open within the industry, employers will recognize the name of applicants who they’ve already built strong relationships with. They are also more likely to hire familiarity than the unknown. 

Lifelong Friendships 

Last, but not least, you have the potential to develop lifelong friendships. Although building relationships for career success is the primary objective, chances are you will meet a few people along the way who end up being a part of your social circle as well. That’s just an added bonus! 

Don’t Wait to Begin the Career You’ve Always Wanted! 

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