Shifting Your Focus from Diversity to Inclusion

Promoting diversity in the workplace is a great quality, but it is only half of the equation. Practicing inclusion in the workplace is the key to making your company’s culture one that employees want to be a part of. Let’s take a closer look at why you should shift your focus from diversity to inclusion and ways to accomplish this goal.  

What’s the Difference Between Diversity and Inclusion?  

Practicing diversity means that your company is hiring a variety of different types of people including those of a different gender, ethnicity, and varying professional backgrounds. Inclusion means that you are making sure that all of your employees have a sense of belonging in your organization.   

What is the Problem with Just Focusing on Diversity?  

If you just focus on diversity, it means you are capable of getting a different mix of talent into your company, but not doing anything to help keep them there. Shifting your focus to inclusion entails providing a work culture in which team members with diverse backgrounds feel valued and flourish. This increases employee retention rate, productivity, and efficiency.  

Ways to Create an Inclusive Environment  

There are many ways that your company can practice inclusion. Here are a few of the most common tips to help get you started.   

Implement Mentoring Programs  

Developing programs that foster connections and professional relationships within the company help to give team members a greater sense of belonging.   

Lead with Empathy  

We’ve all been in a situation when we felt like the oddball out in the workplace. Draw on these feelings to recognize when an employee might be feeling this way. Go the extra mile to correct the situation.   

Build New Daily Habits  

Providing an inclusive environment is not about holding one or two training sessions, and then everyone goes about their business. It means making changes in the day-to-day processes of the company. Forget the notion that everyone should conform to one mold and instead focus on how to help each team member thrive based on his or her strengths and weaknesses.  

How Do You Know If Your Company is Promoting an Inclusive Environment?  

Use these four inclusion indicators to determine whether your organization is promoting inclusion.  

  • Do all employees feel as if they belong?  
  • Does your staff have a strong support network they can lean on?  
  • Are there diverse role models at your company?  
  • Are there available development opportunities?   

Inclusion Starts with the Hiring Process  

Although inclusion reaches far beyond the hiring, it starts with making sure you have the right talent on your team. Arrow Staffing has nearly 40 years of experience helping companies just like yours find the right talent. Contact us today to work with one of our specialists on finding just the right candidate to fit your personnel needs! 

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