What Does Your Body Language Say?

Often, body language is more telling than words. It’s easy to say the right things, but it is a lot harder to do them. Employers pay close attention to what a candidate’s body language is saying during interviews. However, it’s easy to get nervous and send the wrong message. Let’s take a look at body language to avoid and alternatives that will help you land the job!  

A Handshake Says It All  

A handshake is one of the first impressions the interviewer will get of you, so make it good. A weak handshake suggests that you will not handle client meetings or customer interactions well. On the other hand, a too strong of a handshake will signify that you are trying too hard, which is also unattractive. Your handshake should be a good firm handshake to show that you are comfortable and capable of any task put on your plate.   

Avoid Slouching  

When you slouch, it makes you look sloppy, bored, disengaged, and unqualified for a position. Instead, sit-up straight and tall in your chair. Keep your hands out of your pockets, and either place them neatly in front of you or beside you. This gives you an air of confidence and capability for the position you are interviewing for.   

Refrain from Crossing Your Arms  

Chances are you do not mean anything by crossing your arms. It is a comfortable position when you are nervous and do not know what else to do with your hands. However, this makes you look uninterested, unapproachable, and possibly suggest that you have an aggressive nature. These are not qualities that an employer wants in his or her next team member. Whether you are sitting or standing, keep your hands by your side or hold your resume in front of you to prevent nervous habits.   

Appropriate Eye Contact  

Eye contact is important during an interview. Lack of eye contact tells the interviewer that you couldn’t be less interested in the conversation, which means you probably aren’t interested in the position. Constant eye contact can make the interviewer feel uneasy. Approach eye contact the same way you would as if you were talking to a friend. There should be a comfortable balance of intermittently breaking eye contact to look at your resume, a calendar, etc.   

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