What to Do After Attending a Job Fair

A job fair can be a great way to develop promising job leads. However, they will not be beneficial to you if you meet and greet with a few people, leave, and wait for someone to reach out. Job fairs are just a first step. The real work begins after you’ve attended the job fair.   

Make A List of the Companies You are Interested In  

Chances are you will not be genuinely interested in every single person you spoke with at the job fair, and that is okay. Make a list of the businesses that caught your interest and that you feel as if they may be a genuine fit. Do not cross off any potentials you are unsure of until you have a concrete reason as to why the company isn’t a fit for you. You never know what may surprise you!  

Reach Out to Express Your Interest  

Hiring managers like potential candidates who take the initiative. Determine the best way to reach out to each company you are interested in. This will typically email. Be sure to include a well-crafted cover letter, resume, and any applicable samples of work. Boldly, but respectfully make clear your interest to pursue employment with their company and explain why. Make sure to leave the best contact methods to get back in touch with you.   

Make a Visit in Person  

If the company structure allows, make a visit in person to follow up on the application material sent via email. Instead of just another piece of paper, the company can now put a face to a name. The fact that you made an effort to pursue a position in person will speak volumes for the dedication you would have to your job and the company.  

Connect on Social Media  

Find each company’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. and follow them. If possible, interact on social media account posts. Social media is often a great way to get to your foot in the door of a company you are interested in.   

Let Arrow Staffing Help  

Following these tips will help you get the most out of job fairs. Whether you are looking to take your career to the next level or embark on an entirely new career, we can help. Submit your resume today to get started! 

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