Resume Templates – The Big Debate

You are probably aware of the age-old debate as to whether it is acceptable to use resume templates or if you should create your resume from scratch. Some say it is fine, while others are a hard no. Let’s debunk this myth once and for all! It is okay to use resume templates as long as you use them correctly. Correctly, being the operative word here. 

Benefits of Using Resume Templates 

There are significant benefits to using resume templates. First, they make for a great guideline to go by when creating your resume. Templates can be especially helpful if your experience is limited. Pre-formatting can save you a great deal of time that is better put towards perfecting the contents of your resume. 

Downsides to Using Resume Templates 

Let’s be clear there isn’t anything wrong with using templates. The problems come into play when they are used incorrectly. Templates are generic and most likely will not match exactly your needs. A failure to adapt your resume can result in selling yourself short or putting pointless information on your resume. Another issue is that formatting errors can seemingly occur out of nowhere, including extra spaces, indentations, or even misalignments. Failing to fix formatting issues will give off the impression that you are too lazy to put forth the effort in your resume.  

Tips for Using Resume Templates Correctly 

Employers do not care whether you use a resume template or create a resume from scratch. What they do care about is a clear, concise, and errorfree resume. Follow these three tips on how to use resume templates correctly. 

Forego the Frills 

The fancier the design of your resume, the less professional you look, and the harder it will be to make formatting adjustments. Choose a simple and professional template that is straightforward. 

Make Needed Adjustments 

More than likely, you will need to adjust the formatting of your resume to fits your needs. This may mean removing a section, adding a section, or even renaming parts of the resume to better meet your credentials 

Tip: If you need an additional section, copy and paste an existing one. This way the formatting is already there, and you do not have to format the section from scratch. 

Proof the Resume 

When you believe you have finished with your resume, proof it for any formatting errors that popped up during the creation of it. You absolutely must fix any formatting issues that exist. Resumes with errors come off as sloppy and lazy. 

Professional Resume Help  

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