Safety Training That Sticks, Not Trips

Safety in the workplace is a serious matter and can be the difference between life and death. Safety training for new team members and refresher courses are a must. The first word that comes to your mind when you think of safety training is ‘boring’. How do you make safety training and refreshers engaging so that the information provided sticks with your staff to make for a healthy work environment? Check out these tips to make safety training memorable and effective.  

Use Short Videos  

The use of relevant safety videos is much more engaging than your staff listening to someone at the front of the room, giving a lecture. Videos are great for both visual and auditory stimulation, which translates into a higher absorption rate of the material presented.    

Real-Life Case Studies  

Seek out and utilize real-life case studies that either happened at your company or within the industry. This method makes the safety training information relatable and drives home the importance of the safety protocols that are in place.  

Incorporate Interactive Elements  

Training courses that contain interactive elements provide a much more engaging and memorable experience for your staff. They are more likely to retain information if they can participate in hands-on activities. Ideas include:  

  • Games  
  • Stations that simulate different hazards in the workplace  
  • Trivia  

The possibilities are limitless. Tailor your interactive elements to fit your company and the primary goals of your safety training courses.  

Provide Amenities  

It sounds simple, but providing light snacks and beverages are a great way to boost morale, stave off hunger, and increase the chances that your audience will remain engaged for the duration of the safety training course.  

Put on Demonstrations  

Ask local professionals to come in and put on demonstrations so that your staff can witness safety training in action. Types of demonstrations could include how to use different types of PPE or how to correctly carry out safety protocols in the event of an accident.  

In It to Win It!   

At the end of the training session, consider holding a small competition to see which person retained the most information during training. This could be a simulation of a hazard in the workplace and how to handle it, a written test, etc. Potential rewards include a paid day off, gift card, lunch, etc.   

A Safer Work Environment  

Well trained employees make for a safer work environment. It all starts with effective safety training courses that make it easy for employees to learn and retain the information provided.   

Build a safer workforce 

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