Stuck in a Job Search Rut? Take These Steps to Get Out

If there is one thing that everyone can agree on, it is that searching for a new job can be exhausting. You search for hours only to find positions that you don’t meet the required qualifications for. When you do find openings, you spend a great deal of time sending off resumes only never to get a reply. If you’re stuck in a job search rut, how do you get out? Follow these steps and make forward progress in your job hunt.  

Know What You Want

It is important to have a direction, instead of applying for every open job that comes your way. Understand what your non-negotiables are such as salary, scheduling, commute time, etc. There is no reason to apply for a position if you know there are deal-breakers right from the start.   

Approach Your Job Search with a Plan

Hunting for a job without a plan can lead to frustration and disappointment. It would help if you had a plan. Make daily goals for what you need to accomplish. Do you want to apply for a certain number of job openings each day? Maybe you want to make a certain number of new network connections per week? Develop a plan that works with your current job and additional day-to-day responsibilities. If you are currently unemployed, looking for a job should be treated as your full-time job.   

Clean Up Your Online Presence

More likely than not, when an employer is considering you for a position, they will scope out your online presence. If they do not like what they say, you probably will not even get called in for an interview. Remove any inappropriate pictures and posts. Make sure you use your real name and not a nickname. All public social and professional profiles should be clean and convey a sense of professionalism.  

Fine-Tune Your Resume and Cover Letter

It may seem tedious, but taking the time to make sure both your resume and cover letter shine is essential. There is no point in applying for a job if your resume and cover letter aren’t up to par. Chances are you will have to make minor tweaks to personalize your cover letter and resume for each position you apply for. Still, it will ultimately make applying for multiple jobs much easier.   

Shout it From the Roof Top  

Make sure everyone knows that you are looking for a position. Even if the people you tell do not know of an open position, they might be able to put you in contact with someone who does have just the job you are looking for. Word of mouth is powerful.  

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