Are There Free Online Classes Available to Managers?

As a manager, it is important for both your staff and the health of your business to nurture a team that is diverse, supportive, and inclusive. A company that fosters these qualities not only has a work environment that is friendly, warm, and welcoming, but increases productivity. How can you reach this goal? There are plenty of free online training classes that are available to managers to encourage these qualities in your staff.  

Understanding Diversity and Inclusion 

Future Learn offers a three hour a week course that lasts three weeks and covers crucial subjects such as bias, diversity, and how to accept differences in the workplace. The course teaches using differences in the workplace to benefit the company and boost productivity on the team.   

The Importance of Diversity 

Coursera offers a course that stresses the importance of diversity on your team and how many voices result in the best decisions. The more people on your team who think differently means the more ideas are brought to the table, which fosters thinking outside the box. This course is 2-4 hours a week and lasts for a total of four weeks.  

Total Inclusion in the Workplace 

This course is offered by Alison and includes eight lessons. The goal of the course is to teach inclusion regardless of race, ethnicity, class, education level, mental disabilities, or physical disabilities. Everyone has something different and of value to bring to the table. This course helps you learn how to make the most of it.   

Implementing Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace 

ESSEC Business School offers a four weeklong course that teaches how to implement diversity and inclusion in the workplace in a variety of situations and settings. It also stresses the importance and benefits of fostering diversity in the workplace. 

Understanding Gender and Sexuality Issues in the Workplace 

The University of Pittsburg offers a four week online class on gender and sexuality issues in the workplace. It teaches attendees how to navigate gender and sexuality issues that may arise in the office. It also touches on how to ensure total inclusion in the workplace. 

Let Us Find the New Hire You are Looking For 

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