Behavioral Interviewing as a Part of the Interviewing Process

Finding out about a candidate’s job skills are very important, but so is learning about their behavior in the workplace. If you aren’t already incorporating behavioral interviewing into your interview process, then you should be.   

What is Behavioral Interviewing?   

Behavioral interviewing is a process of discovering how a candidate handles certain professional situations. The idea is that how a prospective employee has conducted themselves in the past is an excellent indicator of how they will handle future professional situations.   

Please Describe How You Work Under Pressure  

You are looking for a candidate who remains calm and focused even when pressures at work are at their highest. It is essential to make sure they can produce quality work on time without cracking under high-pressure situations.     

How Have You Handled Differences with Coworkers?   

The fact of the matter is that everyone is different, and it is understandable that not everyone on your staff is going to get along at all times. What is important is finding a candidate who handles adversity in the workplace well. The ideal candidate should remain professional and respectful despite differences of opinion.   

How Do You Handle Sudden Disruptions in Your Day?  

Sudden disruptions in the workday are bound to crop up from time to time. Whether it be a sudden edit, meeting, or an unexpected task, a candidate must be able to jump from one task to another without completely derailing productivity.   

Describe a Time When a Problem Arose in the Workplace and the Steps You Took to Fix It  

The ability to problem-solve is incredibly essential in the workplace. A successful candidate needs to be able to analyze an issue and devise an appropriate solution quickly.   

How Do You Handle an Unpopular Policy or Procedure?  

Whether your candidate might possibly be put in the situation of creating an unpopular policy, implementing one, or adhering to one, it is important to know how they handle the situation.   

See the Whole Picture with Behavioral Interviewing  

Utilizing behavioral interviewing when searching for the right candidate allows you to see the whole picture. By asking the above questions, you can learn how a candidate will fit into the culture, work as a team, handle authority, and much more. It helps you see beyond the job skills to know who has the traits for long-term success with your company.   

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