5 Signs Your Best Employee is Ready to Walk

Losing your best employee is far from ideal and can have devastating effects on your company. The good news is those good employees do not leave without warning. The key is picking up on these warning signs before it is too late and resolving the issue at hand. Let’s take a look at five signs that your best employee is ready to walk! 

Changes in Time Patterns

One of the most significant tell-tale signs that your best employee has one foot out the door is changes in their time patterns. The once punctual employee is now late to arrive, late to meetings, and the first one out the door is a huge red flag that something isn’t right. Taking lunch at odd and inconsistent times throughout the week is an indicator that instead of grabbing a quick bite, they are probably taking interviews elsewhere.  

Increase in the Frequency of Absences

The rise in absences for doctor’s appointments, sick children, or other random disappearances is an indicator that there might be something amiss. More than likely, it is the search for a new job.  

Change in Overall Attitude

It is normal for employees to disagree with a company or supervisor they work for. Your best employee will keep this under wraps, as it is not good practice to openly challenge your supervisor. If your best employee is more disgruntled than usual about the work environment, policies, or their supervisor, it is a good indication of a lack of care and that they are ready to move on professionally.  

Decrease in Productivity

An employee who is typically on time with all of their assignments and produces quality work at an efficient rate but is now producing substandard work is a huge red flag that they might be ready to walk. It should also be concerning if your best employee is suddenly missing deadlines or forgetting about tasks. It’s a clear sign that they have checked out. 

Change in Attire

An employee who cares about their job and takes pride in the company they work for, dresses the part. If your best employee is suddenly coming in dressed down or in wrinkled clothing, appearing disheveled, then this is a sign of a much larger problem.  

What Can You Do?  

Pay attention to the behavioral patterns of your employees. If you notice a change for the worse, meet with them to discuss the issue. More likely, than not, there will be something you can do to correct the problem and convince your best employee to stick around.   

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