How to Make Job Descriptions More Inclusive

When it comes to hiring for an open position, you want to attract as many qualified applicants as possible. One of the most overlooked aspects of a job posting is the description. Prospective candidates read job descriptions to determine if the role is a good fit. Without even realizing it, many descriptions contain subtle words that keep candidates who may be qualified from applying. This greatly diminishes the diversity of your applicant pool. What can you do to make job descriptions more inclusive? You’ve come to the right place!

Remove Biases

Take out any words or phrases that lend themselves more to one gender than the other. For instance, the word “aggressive” is a masculine term that may alienate many potential female applicants. A better word to use might be “driven.” Unintentionally alienating a gender means you are possibly deterring half of your applicants.

On the other hand, using terms that promote education over experience, may alienate those who have knowledge equivalent to education, but don’t have the degree

Make Sure the Job Requirements Aren’t Too Strict

If you are willing to bend on certain qualifications, using terms such as “must-have” or “required” may immediately turn off a candidate who you might have hired. You can list out your preferred qualifications and then put a statement that encourages applicants who do not meet that exact criterion to apply as well. This shows potential candidates that you will show leniency to the right candidate.

Give Applicants Insight into the Company Culture

Instead of just listing a laundry list of job responsibilities and candidate requirements, make sure you give some insight as to the company atmosphere. What are the company values? What can candidates expect day-to-day working for your company? This will not only make your company more inviting to more applicants but help potential candidates determine if they are the right fit for your company.

Keep the Job Description Concise

While it is essential to convey all of the vital information, avoid rambling, and becoming long-winded. This will only make the job description confusing and leave potential candidates overwhelmed and feeling like they can’t possibly meet all of the job’s expectations. This makes otherwise qualified candidates less likely to apply.

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