5 Tips for Deciding Between Two Great Candidates

For most employers, it is a huge feat finding one highly qualified candidate to fill an open position. If you have two great candidates to choose from then you are one of the lucky ones. With two candidates, who look great on paper, the last thing you want to do is make a bad hire. How do you know which candidate is the best fit for your company? Here are five tips that are useful when deciding between two well-qualified candidates.

Compare Job-Related Skills

More than likely, you have already done this, but just in case you haven’t, compare each candidate’s job-related skills. Which candidate brings more to the table in terms of hard and soft skills? The candidate that requires less on-job training may tip the scales when it comes to making a hiring decision. If both candidates are equal in hard skills, it may come down to how has a more well-rounded set of soft skills.

Which Candidate Will Fit in Better with the Company Culture?

Think about the personality of each candidate. Which one will fit in better with the company culture? Whose values most closely align with those of the business? It is one thing to have the skills necessary to perform the job, but neither you nor the candidate will be happy long-term if the candidate does not fit in with the company’s atmosphere. Which candidate do you see hanging out with your or your staff after work or at company functions?

Consider the Growth of the Company

It is essential not only to hire candidates who can successfully fill the role at hand but have the potential to help the company grow. Which candidate will bring a fresh perspective to your company and help your company grow into the future?

Which Candidate Are You More Likely to Attract?

Consider which candidate you will be able to attract with your offer reasonably. If one candidate has recently worked with a company that offers perks you can’t match, this may help you in your decision as you may not be able to hire this candidate and risk losing the second candidate because you didn’t move quickly enough.

Open Up a Second Position

If you genuinely have two exceptional candidates who would both fit in exceptionally well, it is worth reconsidering the hiring budget to see if you can find room to hire them both. This is especially true if you know you will have a second position coming available soon anyway.

Increase Your Receiving Multiple Exceptional Applicants

Having multiple qualified candidates is a nice problem to have as an employer. When you partner with the leading staffing agency in the Northwest, this is precisely what you can expect. Arrow Staffing works hard to identify your personnel needs and find the best candidates to fit those needs. Request an employee today!

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