Fired from Your Last Job? How to Talk About it in an Interview

If you were fired from a previous position, it is not if it comes up in the interview, but when. There’s no need to panic! It is not a death sentence. You can still land your dream job! Let’s take a look at how to best handle explaining a position you were fired from during an interview for a new job.  

The Position Was Not a Good Fit for You 

If you took a position that wasn’t a good fit for you, don’t be afraid to say so. Explain why the job wasn’t a good fit. Maybe it wasn’t the best use of your skills, or the company culture and values weren’t the right fit for you. Make sure you show growth and explain why it won’t happen again.  

The Company Downsized and You Got Laid Off 

Employers understand downsizing happens. Just because you got laid off doesn’t mean you are a bad employee. It could just mean that other employees have been there longer, or your position is no longer available. Briefly explain the reason and then move on to demonstrate the skills you bring to the table.  

You Were Let Go Due to Performance Issues 

Even if you were fired due to poor performance such as inferior work, missed deadlines, unexplained absences, tardiness, the inability to get along with others, etc., you have to own it. Explain the issue and quickly move on to how you have grown since then and why you will not make the same mistakes again.  

Bonus Tips! 

Let’s take a look at a few tips to keep in mind when talking about a previous job: 

  • Never speak badly about your former supervisor. After all, you are speaking with someone who you want to be your supervisor in the future.  
  • Always talk about how a job you were fired from helped with your personal and professional growth. Employers understand that people aren’t perfect.  
  • Always tie in a negative experience, such as getting fired with a positive one, such as the skills you bring to the table for the company you are interviewing for 
  • Never lie about why you were fired. A quick reference check will expose your lie and more than likely cost you the position 

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