Don’t Have Any Experience? No Problem!

The task of trying to get a job in a field that you do not have any experience in can seem as daunting as climbing Mount Everest. Not only do employers tend to favor candidates who have spent time in the field, but it is also harder to compete with fellow applicants who do have ample experience on their resume. Does this mean you should give up and stick with what you know? Absolutely not! There are ways to break into a field in which you have no experience. Let’s take a look at how! 

Highlight Skills that Transfer Over 

Even though you may not have the exact skills that your new career path requires, chances are good that you do have skills that will transfer over. For instance, you may have great time management skills, leadership skills or be proficient with certain computer programs. Whichever skills you have that transfer over to your dream job, make sure you highlight those and make it known how they are relevant.  

Be Realistic About Your Expectations 

You may be very high on the totem pole in your current career and that’s great, but it is important to remember that you must walk before you crawl. Do not expect to jump into a new career field and still be at the top. You must put your time in and work your way to the top 

Accept a Lower Wage 

An enticing way of convincing an employer to hire you without experience is to accept a lower wage. Acknowledge that you are new to the field and that you realize there is more of a learning curve for you. However, to make it worth their while you are willing to work for a lower wage with the promise that the salary will be revisited within a certain time period.  

Offer to Volunteer

While you are still working at your current position, find opportunities to volunteer in the field you want to work in. This will give you the ability to put at least some experience on your resume and even gain a reference or two to vouch for how well you will fit into the industry. 

Take a Related Position and Work Your Way Up 

Let’s say you want to work in a plant nursery, but you do not have any experience. However, there is a receptionist position available. Apply for that position and explain to the employer what you are trying to do and that you would love the opportunity to volunteer and learn more about the field when you are off the clock.   

It’s Never to Late to Start Over!

Just because you do not have any experience in a field doesn’t mean you can’t become a rockstar in that field. Following these tips will help you break into your dream career in no time! When it comes time to apply for positions, let Arrow Staffing, the leading staffing agency in the northwest, help you find the perfect job! 


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