How You Can Show That Your Company Cares About Safety

As an employer, safety should be one of your primary concerns. Showing your company cares about safety makes for a healthier work environment. Employees feel they matter as human beings and aren’t as concerned about getting injured or ill at work. This leads to higher productivity and moraleLet’s take a look at how you can show your company cares about the safety of its employees.

Provide Thorough Training

Proper training and refresher courses are the key to making sure employees understand and abide by safety protocols. Implement onboard safety training as part of the hiring process and offer refresher courses on a regular basis and when new equipment or machinery is introduced to your company. 

Incorporate Safety Into Daily Procedures

Get your team in the habit of incorporating safety protocols into their daily tasks. Teach your staff to not cut corners on safety just to complete a task faster. Enforce safety protocols and have negative consequences in place for those who fail to comply. This is first and foremost for their health and safety. However, it will also help when it comes time for an inspection, or your superiors come for a visit. If your employees are already in the habit of following proper procedure, these check points will not be a problem. 

Make Safety Protocols Clear

There shouldn’t be any gray areas when it comes to safety protocols. Provide a handbook that clearly explains all safety procedures and how to handle accidents if they should happen in the workplace. Your employees are more likely to follow safety protocols if they understand them.  

Update Your Safety Protocols With the Introduction of New Equipment

Safety protocols from 30 years ago are probably not relevant today. Make sure you update your safety protocols in the event of: 

  • New equipment 
  • Updated equipment 
  • Change in company policy 
  • Change in regulations 

Ask Your Team for Feedback

Ask your employees how they feel about the safety guidelines in place. Your team works with the equipment on a daily basis and can tell you if safety protocols need to be added or adjusted. Listen to them and take their feedback seriously.

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