Is a Candidate Qualified or Trying to Fool You? Research is Key!

A resume is designed to showcase a job candidate’s knowledge, experience and skills. Everyone looks good on a resume. But sometimes, you see a resume where the candidate looks a little too good. Is he or she for real, or has the person just pushed the envelope too much and strayed a little too far from the truth?

If you think a job candidate is not being completely honest, how can you find out? Here are a few ways to do it.

Do a reference check

This is an important part of the hiring process, and you should not overlook it. It is an excellent way to find out if a candidate is being truthful or not about his or her qualifications. References are usually a person’s former supervisors and so should be able to give you an accurate description of the person’s abilities and accomplishments.

You need to prepare, however, and take the time to conduct a thorough interview, probing with questions until you are satisfied with the answers.

Look at LinkedIn

Another way of verifying the information on a person’s resume is to check it against his or her LinkedIn profile. The places of employment, job history, accomplishments and educational listings should match up. You can also get an idea of the person’s professional acumen by looking at what he or she has posted on the site.

Do a background check

This is a simple procedure where you verify the accuracy of a person’s work history and educational background. To expedite the process, you can hire a firm that specializes in doing background checks.

Do an assessment

Many companies give candidates a project or assignment to do as part of the hiring process to evaluate their skill level.

Investigate at the interview

Good interviewers can learn a lot about a job candidate from their questioning. Through the use of open-ended questions, you can ask a candidate to talk about situations in previous jobs where he or she had to use a particular skill or skills. The person will have to describe the problem faced, how it was handled, what skills were used, and what the results were.

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