Five Easy Ways to Elevate Your Company Culture

Company culture is all about having a shared sense of purpose, a group of core values that define your enterprise. These values are integral to the operation and performance of the company. A good company culture is one where everyone is on the same page, living these values. Here are a few ways to improve your company culture.

  1. Being transparent

Fostering transparency means giving employees a window into the company’s operations, its direction and its goals. It also involves giving employees a voice in how the company operates. It shows that leadership has faith and trust in its employees.

To increase transparency, there needs to be good communication. It must be effortless and efficient. The technology today enables ease of communication and collaboration among employees. For example, there are chat programs such as Slack, Yammer and Google Apps for Business; video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts; and project management software like Trello, Jira, and Asana.

But transparency is also about a mindset, one of honesty and openness. Rather than asking about the necessity of sharing something, you begin by asking if it is really necessary to hide it. Management needs to share both the successes of the company and its people as well as the challenges it faces.

  1. Reward good work

Research has shown that companies that emphasize recognizing and rewarding employees have much higher retention rates than other companies.

Think about work practices and achievements that fit with your company’s values and goals and make a habit of recognizing these practices. Employees also should be encouraged to recognize coworkers for the job they do. In fact, such recognition often carries more weight when it comes from peers and is more effective this way. Encouraging this culture of recognition also helps to build stronger relationships among employees and a stronger company culture in general.

3.Build strong relationships

Building these relationships among employees should be a priority because it really helps with morale. But you need to put in the time and effort needed. You need to set aside time for it, work on communication skills, and show your gratitude toward workers.

The best way to build relationships is by face-to-face encounters, by just taking the time to talk to people as you run into them in the office.

  1. Give feedback

Feedback is not something you give only during annual performance reviews. It should be ongoing. It needs to be useful, timely and specific. Workers need to know when they are performing well, and if they are not, what they can do to improve.

  1. Emphasize teamwork

Employees need to think of themselves not as a collection of individual workers, but as part of a team. The focus should be on helping each other. The goals of the team should be paramount, and not individual recognition.

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