The Best Way to Dress for a Job Interview

Make no mistake, how you dress for a job interview is very important and should be given a good deal of thought. The first thing the hiring manager will see when you walk into the room is how you are dressed, and that will have a big effect on the initial impression they form about you.

In general, how you dress will be determined by the kind of company where you are interviewing. At a larger, more established company, your dress should be professional – a suit and tie for a man or a dress or pantsuit for a woman. But if you are interviewing at a tech startup, for example, you should probably dress in a more casual way

Dressing for a Corporate Interview


You should dress in a suit and tie with conservative colors, such as navy, grey or black. A long-sleeved shirt should be worn with the suit, and the shirt should be white or a color that goes with the suit. Wear a leather belt in a color that matches your shoes.

You should also wear dark socks and conservative leather shoes. Keep the jewelry to a minimum as well. Make sure your hair is neatly trimmed and combed and your nails are also trimmed and clean.


Women have more options than men when it comes to dress, but attire should still be professional. If you are wearing a suit, the colors, as with a man, should be conservative. The suit skirt should extend to just above or below the knee. Wear a blouse with a color that goes with the suit. Again, jewelry should be kept to a minimum – do not wear any dangling earrings and avoid bracelets. Pantyhose should be in a neutral color, and neutral looking make-up and perfume.

Check to see you have the proper attire in advance of the interview, so you have time to buy any items you may need. Get your clothing ready the night before the interview to save time and reduce stress the next day. And polish your shoes before the interview as well.

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