3 Keys to Standing Out to Hiring Managers

With unemployment so low, employers are struggling to find qualified people these days. If you are looking for work, the job market is definitely a favorable one right now. But there are still plenty of people, many of whom are already employed, looking around to see what’s out there.

Great jobs, as always, still attract a lot of applicants. So, if you are one of them, what can you do to stand out? Here are a few tips.

Send your application directly to the hiring manager.

Do this about a week or two after you have submitted your initial application. This first application most likely will be reviewed by electronic screening programs and may be eliminated even before an actual person looks at it. Then it may be reviewed by HR people, whose job again is to weed out people.

But there is nothing that says you can’t also email a copy of your application directly to the hiring manager. If his or her contact information is not listed, try calling the company to get the information.

Include a short message telling the person you are applying for the job and would like to talk to them, and then mention your top skills and how they fit the job.

Call the hiring manager.

Unless the job ad states specifically no calls, phone the company and ask if you can speak to the hiring manager directly. Rehearse what you are going to say. Taking this action can really help to impress the hiring manager with your determination and passion for getting the job.

Ask the hiring manager if there is any additional information you can provide and that you would welcome the opportunity to discuss the job further. Also, ask about the key skills and attributes the hiring manager is looking for. This may come in handy if you get called in for an interview.

Ask others to comment.

Ask anyone you know who has a connection to the company to call the hiring manager and give a recommendation on your behalf. Naturally, you want to make sure it is someone who knows you well and thinks highly of your work.

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