How Should You Handle More Than One Job Offer?

It is an enviable position to be in – having to decide between competing job offers. And with such a tight labor market where companies are fighting over top talent, it is happening more frequently. So, if you find yourself in this position, how should you handle it? Here are a few tips.

Ask for additional time

You need to take some time to consider a decision as important as this. And companies are usually understanding about the situation and will give you additional time to consider your options. So, ask for a few more days to think things over. But be careful – don’t drag things out too long or you may lose the offer.

Consider what is important to you.

People value different things obviously – some are more concerned about money, others for the challenge, others for career opportunities. Consider what it is you value most in a job, so you can use that as a criterion in your considerations.


When you make a comparison, be thorough. Go beyond just salary and benefits. Look carefully at the company culture as well. Would you enjoy working at the company? Do you like the people there and how they run things? What kind of opportunities does each place have for career growth and for offering you challenging duties and responsibilities? How does each job fit in with your own values and beliefs?

Even look at things like commute times – how much of a difference is there? What is the turnover rate at each company? This is an important sign of a company’s health. A high turnover rate should raise a red flag. Think about the interview process. How did each company handle it? Was the process more smooth and efficient at one place than the other?

Do additional research on each company. Look at their performance in the market and growth. Is one outperforming the other, growing faster?

After making your decision

After you have arrived at a decision, you need to inform the company you have rejected in person. Thank them for considering you and offering you a position.

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