Tips on Creating a Relationship Between HR and Recruiters

The best relationships between human resource personnel and recruiters are based on mutual trust and support. These relationships take time to build. They develop when HR personnel know that the recruiters have a company’s best interests at heart.

Thinking Long Term

Recruiters can develop better relationships with companies when recruiters think long term. Good relationships take time to build. Recruiters cannot simply pull someone from their database and send it to the company hoping that the person will be a food fit, and then try to sell the person to human resources.

Recruiters need to take the time to get to know the company, what it does, how it operates, its culture and the kind of people it is looking for. The recruiter needs to learn about the market that the company operates in. Knowing these things will help the recruiter to find the best job candidates, ones who will be successful at the company and who will stay with the company.

Learning About the Company

Recruiters need to be good listeners, to really pay attention to what the company is looking for, as well as what the company is not looking for. Through working with the company and research, the recruiter develops a sense of the kind of employee the company wants, so that HR personnel do not have to explain their requirements in detail every time there is an opening.

Moreover, the recruiter also acts as a representative of the company when dealing with job candidates, working to give candidates a complete picture of what it is like to work at the business and what it can offer.

A recruiter develops a good relationship with a company when the recruiter works in the best interests of both the company and the job candidate. If the recruiter sees that a candidate will not be a good fit with the company, the recruiter does not try to sell or push the company at the candidate. If the recruiter is not able to fill a position, he is up front about it with the company.

In sum, good relationships develop from honesty, integrity, and loyalty from both sides. The recruiter is an advocate for the company.

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