Job Search Tactics to Use in Your Search

The job search can be a real grind. Some career counselors compare it to a long-distance race, rather than a sprint. It involves a lot of hard work and, until you get an offer, rejection along the way. Even in a tight labor market, as is the case now, there is still a lot of competition for good jobs. The trick is to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Here are a few tactics to help you do that.

Show The Problem You Can Solve

When most people apply for a job, they highlight their skills and experience. And, considering all of these people are applying for the same job, it is safe to assume that their skills and experience are all similar as well. So, if you do the same, you simply become one of the crowd.

To really set yourself apart, you need to emphasize the business problem you can solve for the company, how you can impact the bottom line. To do this, you are going to have to dig a little deeper, do a little more research, to find out where the company is struggling and what problems they are experiencing.

Your application materials need to highlight the same things as well – showing what you did at current and former employers to add to their bottom line, to overcome obstacles they had.

You also need to zero in on particular companies where you want to work, so you can focus your research and attention on them, rather than relying just on job advertisements.

Find The Hiring Manager

You need to talk directly with the person who will be selecting the applicant for the job, the one who is experiencing the problem that needs to be solved. Again, that means doing some research to find out who that person is. You cannot allow yourself to get tied up with the human resources department. They are not hiring anyone, simply screening people out.

Follow Different Routes

One effective method of job searching is through networking. But there are various networking routes you can follow. For example, there are informational interviews, which is one form of networking. Other routes include contacting former colleagues or other alumni from your university. Another route is using LinkedIn to join discussion groups in your profession and for blogging. Still another route is working with a recruiter or using a staffing agency.

So, take at least two or three different networking routes because this will enable you to generate more leads.

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