Preparing for Phone Screening vs Face-to-Face Interviews

The mistake people make with phone interviews is that they treat them more as a casual chat rather than a real interview. Even though you may be talking over the phone from your house, you need to treat the conversation just as you would a real in-person interview, and you should prepare the same way.

Phone interviews are used as another way to screen candidates, similar to resume reviews. They are a way for companies to further winnow out people who are not a good fit for the job.

Here are some things to keep in mind when preparing for a phone screening.

Do your research

Again, you need to prepare just as with a face-to-face encounter. That means doing research on the company and preparing for the questions you may be asked. Because the purpose of the call is to narrow down the field, the questions are more likely to deal with the candidate’s qualifications, rather than queries about how the person would handle the job. The interviewer may ask why you want to leave your current position, your strengths and weaknesses and greatest accomplishments.

Find a good place to sit

Find a comfortable chair in a quiet place where you can have some privacy and avoid interruptions.

A good connection

Make sure you have a good connection and quality of sound.

Materials you need

You should have your resume and cover letter in front of you during the interview because you will probably need to refer to them. Also, you should have with you any notes you made in preparation for the interview.


You don’t want any distractions while you are talking. Turn off the computer, TV, and music.

Use your voice

The one obvious difference between a phone interview and a face-to-face one is your voice. In a phone interview, your voice is the only thing the hiring manager will be exposed to. It is the only means you have of making an impression on him or her. So, you need to make sure your voice expresses enthusiasm and energy.

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