Three Easy Ways to Motivate Your Employees and Build Rapport

All companies want employees who are motivated and engaged in their work. Numerous studies have shown that engaged employees perform better,are more productive, more creative and work more collaboratively.

Here are a few simple ways to help improve employee engagement and motivation.

1. Reward and recognition

Everyone wants to know that what they are doing matters and that their work is appreciated. Recognizing the work that people do is one easy to give a big boost to employee morale.

There are a number of different ways you can do this. One way is to send an email to everyone in the company recognizing the work of an employee. The email can explain what the person did and how it helped the company. The important thing is to publicize the person’s accomplishment as widely as possible.

Other ways of recognizing people are limited only by your imagination. For example, you can award the person dinner at his or her favorite restaurant, tickets to a play or sporting event, a gift such as a book, clothing, or some article.

2. Communication

It is important to communicate consistently with employees, especially in giving them feedback. Employees need to know they can discuss issues and problems with management. Managers need to let employees know what the expectations are for their performance and whether they are meeting those expectations. And this needs to be done on an ongoing basis, not just at a performance review once a year.

Feedback is something that needs to take place all the time. It is best to tie feedback to a particular event or task so that the manager can focus on one particular thing. The feedback should be timely as well, given as soon after the event as possible.

3. Professional development

People also need to feel that they are making progress in their career if they are to stay motivated. Companies need to offer ways for employees to do this. Again, there are different options. For example, a company could offer on-the-job training to employees or other types of training programs. Mentoring is another good way to help younger employees with their career progress.

Some companies rotate employees among different departments to give them a broader range of experience and to help them understand how other areas of the company operate.

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