Why Hiring the Right Candidate is Imperative to Your Business and How a Staffing Firm Can Help

There are different estimates for the cost of making a bad hire, but they are all steep. The price tag ranges from one-third of a person’s yearly salary to about five times the annual salary. The amount varies depending on the type of job and experience level.

This is why it is so important to get it right the first time, to make sure the person you hire has the skills, and competence you need and is a good fit with the company. One way to help ensure a good hire is to use a staffing agency. How can a staffing firm help? There are several ways.

1. Finding the people with the skills you need.

Staffing firms know the labor market. They know what talent is out there. They have a knowledge of the supply and demand for workers with different skills sets, in what specialties there might be surpluses or shortages in your particular geographical area. They would also know where the demand is high or low.

This can help your business plan for future openings. The staffing agency can inform you how difficult it might be to fill a certain kind of job, whether you might be able to find someone quickly or if it will take longer.

2. Finding passive candidates

Staffing firms build up networks through the people they contact, recruit, and hire. They get to know the people who work in particular industries. These may be people who are not actively looking for work but who may be persuaded to move if given the right incentives – passive job candidates.

These people are generally invisible in the hiring market. They need to be pursued. Staffing firms have the experience and expertise to find these people and work with them.

3. Selling your company

Staffing agencies act as your company’s representative when contacting job candidates. They can help to sell your company to people, telling them what is special about your organization, what the company culture is like and why they would want to work there.

4. Making the process more efficient

Recruiting agencies can help to make the hiring process more efficient. The agency will handle all of the initial applications and screen the candidates, which will save your company a lot of time and money. You will get a list of the most qualified applicants to choose from, those who have the best qualifications and the best fit for the company.

The agency takes care of all background checks as well.

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