Why is a Thorough Background Check Important During the Hiring Process?

These days, most companies run background checks on potential employees. Usually, they hire a firm that specializes in doing such investigations.

These firms will check to verify the accuracy of information that the job candidate has given about his or her work history and education. They will also do a check to see if the person has any kind of criminal record.

More companies are now checking candidates’ credit history as well. The reasoning behind this check is the belief that a person who cannot handle his or her finances responsibly and pay bills on time would not be a very reliable employee.

Many companies also require candidates to undergo drug testing.

Importance of Doing a Thorough Background Check

The importance of doing a thorough background check is now pretty much undeniable. It is common knowledge that people often stretch the truth on resumes, while many outright fabricate information. Studies have shown that as many as one-third of all resumes contain false information, and that number appears to be on the rise according to recent surveys.

About 40 percent of hiring managers surveyed recently said they have eliminated people during the hiring process because they lied on their resume.

For this reason, the facts and figures on a resume need to be verified. Moreover, hiring managers need to question candidates carefully during interviews to see if applicants might be fabricating information, and conduct thorough reference checks.

Depending on the type of job, criminal history checks also are important. A person cannot be denied a job simply because he or she has a criminal record – only if there is a possibility that the criminal incident will affect the person’s job performance in some way.

An arrest, without a conviction, cannot alone be used to refuse a person a job. But employers can take into account what actions the person took that led to the arrest. A conviction, however, provides proof that a crime was committed and can be taken into account when making a hiring decision.

Credit history checks have spurred more controversy. While many companies use them, researchers have found no correlation between a poor credit rating and job performance or a person’s propensity for dishonest behavior.

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