Five Tips to Get Yourself Promoted

We all want to move ahead in our careers, to take on new responsibilities and challenges. But often we are not sure how to go about it. What do you need to do to move up in an organization? Here are a few tips.

Be a good performer

This is stating the obvious, but it nonetheless needs to be said – you won’t go anywhere if you are not doing your current job well. And what exactly does that mean? Simply put, it means keeping your supervisor happy. You need to find out what his or her expectations are, how he or she feels the job should be done, and then do exactly that.

How you feel the job should be done doesn’t really matter. Your supervisor’s opinion does.

Go the extra mile

Do more than simply what is expected. Go above and beyond. For example, you can volunteer for projects. You can develop ideas for improving the way the company operates, and then attempt to put those ideas into practice. Be proactive, don’t sit back and wait for assignments to come to you.

You need to develop a reputation as someone who is a problem solver, rather than someone who simply complains about what is wrong.

Develop leadership skills

When managers are looking for people to promote, they are looking for people who are leaders. Good leaders lead by example. They know how to communicate well, to work well with others, to persuade, and how to make good decisions. They have a reputation for honesty and integrity.

Focus on these soft skills when in your job. You can also show your initiative by getting leadership training.

Show your decision-making skills

Companies promote people because they demonstrate their knowledge, analytical and critical thinking abilities. They know how to marshal all of the resources needed to make effective decisions. They know how to look at the evidence, to determine what is relevant and what not in making decisions.

You can show these skills by challenging your supervisor when you feel he or she is in error. But you also have to be able to present a cogent argument for your position with facts and figures.

Make your case

You may have exceptional talent or skills in a particular area. You need to show how you can put those skills to work for the company. Review the mission, goals, and values of the company and determine how your skills can help the company achieve those goals. Then, you can make a case for creating a job that uses those skills, or expand your current responsibilities.

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