How to Quit Your Job: Best Practices for Giving Notice

Quitting a job is always stressful. The conversation with your supervisor is bound to be a bit awkward. He or she certainly won’t be happy, even if he likes you because it means more work for him and for others in your department until you are replaced.

When you quit, however, the essential thing to keep in mind is that you want to maintain a good relationship with everyone. Here are some best practices for giving notice.

1. Stay cordial

This is not the time to spout off with complaints about the job or to give your supervisor an earful about his or her management style. Yes, venting might allow you to feel good for a short time, but that is about all it will do.

Again, you want to stay cordial and friendly with everyone. You don’t want to burn any bridges because you may need to cross them again down the road. You may need a recommendation from your supervisor. Or you may want to contact former colleagues about job leads or other advice.

Also, if you do an exit interview, remain polite as well, and make a good faith effort to answer all of the questions. Tell them honestly your reasons for leaving.

2. Keep the letter of resignation short and to the point.

Here again, stay congenial and positive. Focus on the things you liked about the job, rather than negative comments. Talk about projects that were successful. Express your gratitude to your supervisor for the opportunity to work at the company.

3. Inform your supervisor in person

Before you do submit your letter of resignation, meet with your supervisor face to face to tell him or her that you are leaving. It is the professional thing to do. Do not, repeat, do not inform your supervisor with an email.

4. Prepare for your departure.

What do you need to take care of before you go? Make a list of the tasks you need to complete before you leave. This generally includes things like sorting through your files, finishing up any ongoing work assignments, and meeting with human resources.

5. Maintain your performance

It may be difficult to do your best work before leaving because naturally, you are looking ahead. But push yourself to do a professional job. Your supervisor and colleagues will be grateful to you. If you need to pass off any work to another employee, make sure you fill them in thoroughly.

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