5 Mistakes First-Time Managers Make (and How to Avoid Them)

Managing people is a difficult job. It requires a number of different leadership skills and a good knowledge of human nature, knowing what motivates people and helps them to work together. Learning how to be a good manager often comes only with experience, learning from your mistakes. Here are a few errors that novice managers tend to make and how to avoid them.

1. Favoring some workers over others

It is natural to like some people more than others. But if you are a manager, you cannot let this interfere with how you treat your workers. You cannot let your feelings get in the way of treating everyone on your team equally and fairly. If you give some people perks that you deny others, this will lower the morale of your people and affect performance.

2. Not giving recognition

Employees need to be recognized for doing good work. Everyone wants to know when they have done a good job. If a manager overlooks outstanding work, this will impact morale as well. Employees will question why they should make the extra effort if the manager simply ignores it.

3. Micromanagement

This is a common mistake among managers without much experience. They are constantly looking over the shoulder of their workers, sticking their noses into every little decision. Managers need to let their people do their jobs and to take responsibility for their work.

When a person micromanages, it sends a message to his staff that he does not trust them. It also creates a logjam in the workflow.

4. Not communicating

Managers need to be good communicators. They need to know how things are going in their department. They need to always be available to their people. Most importantly, a manager needs to be giving constant feedback to his or her workers to let them know how they are doing or if they need to change course.

5. Not being organized

Part of managing is planning and strategizing, being able to establish priorities so that the important stuff gets done first. A manager needs to be looking at the big picture and how everything fits together. He must also be able to adapt to new situations when the demand arises.

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