Four Great Tips for Your LinkedIn Profile

Social media has become ubiquitous in the business world. Everyone now uses it. It’s the place to see and be seen – to display your credentials and expertise and to find others in your profession to network with. It has become a major resource for recruiters.

And so it’s important to make sure your profile is the best it can possibly be, especially if a recruiter happens to check out the site.

Here are few tips to make sure your profile is an outstanding one.

1. Make sure it is complete

That means, first of all, making sure you have all of the background fields filled out. Also, make sure your work history is up to date. Often, as people change jobs, they neglect to update their profiles, so a recruiter is not going to get a current picture of your experience.

You also need to make sure you that you change the tense of the verbs for previous jobs. If you simply add a new job, without changing the verbs in previous jobs to the past tense, it looks as if you are working at several jobs simultaneously, which can be confusing.

2. Include only the most important information

As with a resume, your profile is an advertisement for yourself. You want to make it as effective and user-friendly as possible. So, don’t clutter it up with a lot of extraneous details. You don’t need to include every seminar or conference that you have attended – unless you find it relevant.

And, like a resume, use bullet points and active verbs to make it more compelling, as well as facts and figures to show your performance and stand out from the competition.

3. Use a professional looking photograph

This is important as well. You don’t want to use a picture of yourself at a backyard barbecue holding a beer and a burger. You should be dressed professionally and well groomed to create the right impression.

4. Show your knowledge

Use your social media site to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. You can do this in various ways. You can blog. Or comment on various issues and trends in your profession. You may even be able to create a following, people who regularly visit your site to read what you have to say.

It is a great way to enhance your reputation and help your career growth.

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