Why Should Your Job Search Utilize a Staffing Agency?

If you are beginning your job search, either for the first time or switching jobs, you may want to consider using a staffing agency. An agency can be a big help to you in finding a position that fits your background. Here are a few things an agency can offer.

1. The agency is working for you

The first thing that the recruiter will do is talk to you about your history to learn about your particular skills, knowledge, and experience. They will want to get as complete a picture as they can of who you are.

A recruiter has a good deal of experience in working with job candidates and matching them with the right jobs. They will have experience in how best to put your resume together to get you an interview. They will know what you should include and what you should leave out.

Then the recruiter will talk to you about the kind of jobs you are interested in. Because of their contacts with employers, they will often have information about jobs that has not been advertised. The recruiter will also be able to help you with the hiring process itself, how best to prepare for it and how best to represent yourself to an employer.

Again, because of their contacts with employers, the recruiter will be able to fill you in about different companies, information about their culture and work environment. They will be able to give you an assessment of their good and bad points.

2. The agencies knows about jobs

Over time, staffing agencies build up networks of businesses in the area. As a result, the agencies have information about jobs that often have not been advertised publicly. Some jobs openings are given only to staffing agencies to fill.

3. Knowledge about the employment situation

The agency will know the job market, who is hiring and who is not, what positions are in demand, and what jobs are not.

The recruiter acts as your representative and is also working to sell you to companies. They can also act as a liaison between you and companies if you have questions or concerns about particular jobs.

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