What Else Should You Put on Your Job Application?

Almost every job application has that little box where it asks you to add any additional comments that you feel are important to your application. This creates a conundrum for many people. What should you put in there, if anything?

Often, you don’t really have to put anything in the box. After all, there is no requirement that you do. No one will throw out your application if you do not. However, there some cases where you should include some information in the box.

1. You cannot include a cover letter.

If the application is such that you cannot add a cover letter, you should use the box to explain a few things that you would put in a letter. You can explain why you want to work for the company, how you can add value to the company, what unique skills you have, or some examples of your work that illustrate your skills – articles, projects, blogs, or other examples.

Or you can use it to make a pitch for the job – explaining why you would be the best person for the job and how much you like the company.

2. You are changing careers.

If you are in this situation, you could use the box to explain how your experience and skills from your former career apply to your new career. You can also explain why you decided to switch careers.

3. You really do have some additional information.

In other words, information that you would like to tell the employer about but that isn’t important enough to include on the application itself. It could be reasons why you are relocating or explaining something in your work or educational background that is unusual or something you want to clarify. Or you could possibly add information about industry awards you received, volunteer work or any other activity that added to your skill and expertise in the job.

Finally, some people include their interests and hobbies in the box to reveal something of their personality or to show how they would be a good fit for the job.

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