What Can You Do with the Inconsistent Employee ?

If you have an employee whose performance is not up to par, what is the most effective way to get them back on track? You can simply tell them what they need to do and then warn them of consequences if they do not achieve expectations.

But that is not the most effective way. An approach that involves the employee in the process, where the employee receives ongoing feedback on his performance, would probably accomplish more.

1. Describe the problem

When dealing with an employee not performing to expectations, the first thing to do is mention those areas where the person is doing well, to create a better rapport. After doing that, talk about where the person is falling short. Tell them exactly what the problem is, what they are or are not doing. And then tell them the effect that their poor performance is having on the operation of the company, the consequences of their actions. How did it affect customers or co-workers?

When you talk the person, be sure to focus just on the problem and the performance, not just the person.

Then ask the employee to give his assessment of the situation.

2. Review expectations

The next step is to go over again the duties and responsibilities of the job so that the employee has a clear understanding of them. The employee should then come up with ideas on how to handle the situation, what steps should be taken. They should also be able to tell you why they are serious about making the change.

By allowing the employee to develop their own solution to the problem, they feel empowered, more in charge of their own future, and a greater sense of obligation to perform, since they came up with the criteria for improvement themselves.

There are other steps you can take as well. You can put down the steps to be taken in writing. There should also be some objective way of measuring the person’s performance. And there should be a timeline in place for when the performance goals are to be achieved.

And there should be ongoing feedback from the supervisor to make sure the employee has the information and tools he needs to meet his goals.

But in the end, it is getting the employee more involved in the process – by getting him to see the consequences of his actions and by developing a plan for improvement himself – that will make the difference.

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