Five Ways to Increase Office Safety and Not Blow Your Budget

Workplace safety starts from the top of the organization and trickles down to other employees of the country. In an office setting, accidents don’t happen often but they can take place. In fact, they happen a lot more often than many people realize – accidents at work cost companies about $60 billion a year in lost productivity.

The good news is that there are easy ways to make your workspace safer without spending a lot of money. Here are a few of the ways your company can improve its office safety in impactful ways while not greatly increasing expenses.

1. Put together a safety manual.

It should outline what practices are necessary to make sure the workplace stays safe and how to handle accidents when they happen.

2. Have a safety director.

This usually is someone in the human resources department. He or she has the task of ensuring that safety procedures have been established and that people are following them. The safety director is the person who disseminates information about office safety and checks to see that everyone is aware of it.

The safety director also has the duty of checking the office regularly to make sure there are no safety hazards, such as outlets that are not working properly, doors that are not operating as they should, or boxes that are not stacked up properly in storage. The safety director would also inspect fire extinguishers to see that they are in good working order.

3. Create incident reports.

These are documents that record the details when an accident does happen. They are a learning tool – to detail why an accident happened and describe what improvements can be made to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

4. Hold training sessions.

These should be held on a routine basis – at least once or twice a year. At these sessions, the importance of maintaining safety in the office is emphasized as well as reviewing practices to make sure the office stays safe.

5. Keep the proper equipment handy.

For example, if you need to change a light bulb that is too high for a person to reach, make sure you have a step ladder available, rather than have someone decide to stand on their swivel chair to change the bulb, which is just an accident waiting to happen.

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