Interview Questions for Warehouse Jobs

Interviewing prospective employees is never an easy task. You want to ask the best questions, ones that will help you find the person who best fits the job. There are hundreds to choose from, but only so much time. You want questions that will help you to most effectively determine who has the qualities you need. Here are a few possibilities for creating a great set of interview questions for job candidates to fill your open warehouse jobs.

1. What Relevant Experience Do You Have?

This is a straightforward question to determine a person’s experience. The purpose is to lead into other inquiries about the positions the person has held and what exactly the person did in those positions. Ideally, you want to hear that the person held different jobs, each with greater responsibility, each showing progress in the person’s career. This question is a great base for follow-up questions based on what you hear from the job candidate.

2. Why do you want this warehouse job?

This will help you to determine the person’s motivation and passion for the job. This may also reveal whether the person has done any research on your company. If they refer to your mission statement or company values, then you’ll know the job candidate has done research and understands a little bit of the company culture.

3. What have you learned from mistakes on the warehouse job?

This question is designed to give some indication about the person’s character. Can they learn from their mistakes? Do they take away the right lesson after making an error? In other words, can they learn and grow on the job? You also can tell how much responsibility they are willing to take and how much they dish out to others.

 4. Why should we hire you?

This is where the candidate will tell you specifically about their skills, knowledge, and experience and how they can apply it to the job. It’s a great question to generate a response of a candidate’s motivations and why they stand out from other job candidates.

5. How do you handle stressful situations and working under pressure?

Since stressful situations arise often in warehouse positions, you need a person who can work well under pressure. You should ask for specific examples of when the person performed well under pressure. This is a great behavior interview question to find out about a candidate’s past experiences.

6. Present the candidate with hypothetical problem situations and ask the person how they would respond.

This is another behavioral interview approach. It is based on the idea that if you want to know how someone will do in a certain job, find out how the person would handle actual situations that arise in the job. If they are able to think quickly in the interview room, that will show you if they are able to think quickly in a tense situation. You also can learn more about their past experiences.

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