Feeling Burnt Out? Three Signs You Should Start Looking for a New Employment Opportunity

You have been working at your current job for a number of years, and, to use a traditional phrase, it’s getting kind of old. You no longer feel any enthusiasm when going to work. In fact, often it’s hard just to muster the energy you need to get your assignments finished. You start to wonder, “Is it time to move on?” Here are three signs that it just might be the right time to look for a new job.

1. Your attitude and energy have fallen off.

You aren’t as productive as you used to be. You find yourself often bored by your tasks at work. You are looking at Facebook and Twitter every 20 minutes, and checking email way too often. As the weekend is coming to an end, you dread the thought of having to go to work on Monday. In fact, it gives you a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach.

When you talk about work with your friends or family, it usually turns into a gripe session where you mostly complain about things and criticize your boss and coworkers. While your job doesn’t always have to be a dream scenario, it shouldn’t be causing stress to just show up for your job on a daily basis.

2. Your health is suffering.

You are getting more colds, or headaches, or getting sick more often. You are not eating well either. You just don’t seem to have an appetite, or just the opposite, you find yourself eating way too much. You are consuming more alcohol than you should as a way of escaping from your thoughts.

When you aren’t happy with parts of your life, your physical well-being will suffer. There are some things you can do (enjoy weekend leisure activities, perform a lunchtime workout) to help combat that physical aspect, which will help you feel better.

3. You are feeling more stressed out.

Your thoughts continually wander to what you are going to do after work. Or you are planning your next vacation soon after you just finished taking one. You begin to think how nice retirement would be when you don’t have to work.

You find yourself arguing more often with your coworkers and your supervisor. You don’t feel like you have any control over your work. The smallest of disagreements become a much bigger argument as you make a mountain out of a mole hole.

While these problems individually could be caused by other things, if you are experiencing several of these symptoms together, it may be time to take a hard look at your job and whether it’s time to move on. There are some short-term activities or behaviors you can try to overcome your job burnout, but if there’s no improvement or it even gets worse, than looking for a new job might be the best option.

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